How to care for yourself as a first aider

Being a first aider means that you need to be able to help people when they are unwell, injured or have been involved in an accident. This can be extremely stressful and if you work within an environment where there is an increased risk of injury or accidents then you may find yourself really feeling the pressure.

As a first aider it is vital that you are on top form each and every time you are needed, as failure to make the right choices can lead to a greater issue. So with this in mind we have put together our top tips to make sure that you look after yourself as well as you look after those around you.

Take breaks

If you are a first aider who seems to be kept busy by those around you then it is important that you plan time for yourself. Regular breaks are key to keeping fresh so ensure that you take them as and when you can. Never feel guilty for being away from your post, just don't go too far afield in case there is a problem.

Stay hydrated

Eating well and staying fully hydrated is important for everyone. However, if you are running around a building treating issues, this becomes all the more important.


Not only is it important to debrief after a major occurrence in order to provide useful feedback, but being able to offload means that you can relax and unwind after the event.

Keep healthy or stay away

Whilst you can try to stay healthy, there are bugs and viruses that can strike us all. As a first aider you are likely to come into close contact with a variety of people; therefore you should stay away from work, otherwise you may pass on your illnesses.

Ask for help

Whilst the majority of first aid instances are easy to treat, there are going to be instances whereby you may need an extra pair of hands. If this happens, make sure you ask for help. Not only can help come in the form of a helping hand, but you may also need someone simply to talk to.

Recognise when things are tough

Knowing when things are affecting you is one of the most important things for a first aider to keep in mind. Dealing with emergency situations can be incredibly stressful, and over time this can have an impact on your wellbeing and mental health.

So now you know that as a first aider you should make sure that you take good care of yourself. After all, if you are not feeling 100% then you won't be able to help those people that need you. Take a deep breath, take some time out and remember to look after you, then in turn you can look after your patients!

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