FREC 3 Refill Kit

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first aid supplies


Introducing the FREC 3 Response Kit, expertly designed for first responders and equipped with all the essential tools needed for efficient operation at the FREC 3 level. This comprehensive kit features equipment for managing airways, catastrophic bleeding, fractures, and various other emergency care scenarios.


2 x Eurosplints
1 x 6″ Trauma (Israeli) Bandage
2 x 4″ Trauma (Israeli) Bandage
1 x Adult BVM
1 x Ambu Perfit ACE Adult Cervical Collar
1 x Biohazard Disposal Kit (1 application)
1 x Blast Bandage
1 x Blizzard Compact Blanket
1 x C29 Pulse Oximeter
1 x Celox Z-Fold Gauze
1 x Large First Aid Kit Refill
1 x OP Airway Set (1 of each size)
1 x Prometheus Pelvic Splint
1 x Russell Chest Seal
1 x Manual Suction Device
1 x Tough Cut Scissors
1 x Pen Torch 
2 x 36in Mouldable Splint
2 x CAT Gen-7 Tourniquet (Orange)
2 x NP Airway Set (2 of each size – 6,7,8,9)
4 x Lubricating Sachets 

first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies