Mediana A16 HeartOn AED - Semi Automatic

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Mediana A16 HeartOn AED - Semi Automatic

- Semi-automatic
- 200joule impedance compensated BTE waveform
- Patient impedance range: 25~200ohm
- Equipment weight: 1.97kg
- Waterproof, dustproof rating: IP55
- Adults/Paediatric patient mode can be selected and energy changes automatically.
- Built-in three-language voice prompt selection (voice group can be specified)
- Pace pulse detection and rejection function is standard.
- Full Automatic function without Shock button enhances usability and shortens the time of emergency
- CPR feedback function enables effective CPR.
- Pads quality check function enhances ready to use and advances service.
- Voice recording function enables to check what kind of on-site actions were done.
- LCD indicators provide intuitive instrument status and battery level
- Pre-connected pads allow quick attachment to the patient, reducing time to defibrillation.

Detailed Technical Information

- Voice prompt, Action Icon (LED) Indicator, Status LCD
- Status indicator showing the battery level, self-test
- (pass or fail), temperature, condition and pads
- Self-test: POST (Power on Self-Test), Periodic Test
- (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Pad Quality Check, BIST (Battery Insertion Self-Test)
- SD card, IR communication support
- Optional event review computer software
- Meets 2015 AHA / ERC guidelines
- Analysis to unit charged and ready in 10 seconds or less
- Lightweight (weighs less than 2kg)
- Super-fast shock delivery time
- 3 language selection – English, Welsh, and Polish
- Rated to IP55
- Instant switch between adult and child mode
- Battery Capacity 3000mAh/15V
- (200 shocks or 6hr monitoring)


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