Tick Remover in Blister Pack inc. 2 wipes

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Ticks need to be removed quickly and safely as they carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease.

The Reliance Tick Remover is specifically designed for safe tick removal to ensure ticks are removed correctly.

  • Dramatically Reduces Risk During Removal
  • Can Prevent Dangerous Infection
  • Specifically Designed for Tick Removal

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Adam on 27th Jul 2023


    Reliance tick remover certainly works

    I discovered a tick on my back which I couldn't reach, so contacted GP. As luck would have it I was seen within half hour & the GP used reliance tick remover tool to remove the tick in a "flash". She said the tool is fantastic. As she would otherwise have thrown the tool away she was happy to give it to me for future use.

first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies