Zinc Oxide Tape 5cm x 10m

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first aid supplies


Zinc oxide tape is a thin woven cloth rigid tape with adhesive on one side, Zinc Oxide tape is commonly used by athletes to prevent injuries, protect wounds and help speed up healing time. It is most commonly applied to joints, for example; wrists, knees and ankles. Taping using Zinc Oxide can also be used to support muscles by stabilising the injured ligaments surrounding the muscle. Another use for zinc oxide tape is applying it to areas prone to rubbing to prevent blisters & calluses.

Application - zinc oxide tape is strong and should therefore not be applied too tightly. The area should be clean to get the best stick, you may consider closely trimming the area of hair for the best application. In most cases simply lay it on the skin and press to activate the adhesive

- Tears easily by hand along length and width
- No scissors required
- Conforms easily to the skin
- Low allergy zinc oxide adhesive
- Excellent value for money

first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies