Prestan AED Ultra Trainer

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Prestan AED UltraTrainer

The newest addition to the Prestan family, the AED UltraTrainer is a compact, lightweight solution with full customisation options.
This trainer most closely resembles a live training experience like no other on the market. Prestan’s newest UltraTrainer is fully customizeable to accommodate any classroom training situation and is backed by a three year warranty.
Programming can toggle between two languages and is easily upgradeable for any AHA guideline changes.


High Performance Training Pads

  • Clear Anatomical Placement Graphics
  • Long-Life Adhesive
  • Adheres well to all Manikins with no messy residue left behind
  • Unique Pad Connector with locking Connector Pin

Pad Sensing System

  • Pads are pre-connected
  • Pads on-manikin detection
  • Remote Control NOT Required
  • Plugging in connector NOT Required
  • Works on any Manikin

Protective & Reusable Pad Tray

Adult / Child Selection Button

Bright Illuminated Shock Button

  • Flashes when shock is advised

On/Off Button with Lighted Indicator and Program Pause Option

Five Training Scenarios

Clear & Calm Voice Prompts

Chest Compression Rate Metronome

  • Metronome can be turned on or off
  • Metronome audible count reminders at 10, 20 and 30 compressions

Automatic OR Semi-Automatic Shock-Delivery

Programming Option to either include or not include time for breaths after compression cycle

Long Battery Life

  • Low Battery Voice Prompt Warning
  • Automatic Shut Off Extends Battery Life

Water & Splash Resistant

Programming is compliant with current AHA Guidelines (2015)

Adult/Child Training Pads 

  • Pad cords are pre-connected to the AED Trainer
  • Pad Sensing System automatically lets the unit know when the pads have been connected to a manikin
  • Pads last for 100+ uses
  • Unique pad replacement
  • Pads are stored on a convenient double-sided Pad Tray


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