Mental Health First Aid Poster A2

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first aid supplies


  • Fully coloured illustrations and clear, easy to follow text
  • Compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners
  • Updated with the latest guidance
  • Encapsulated finish for superior durability
  • A2 size, 59x42cm

The Mental First Aid Poster covers the following topics:

  • What is mental illness? - 6 common mental health problems 
  • Triggers and signs of mental health problems - includes 6 triggers and 13 signs/symptoms to look out for 
  • Mental Health in the workplace and the law 
  • Supporting colleagues
  • Looking after your mental health - 6 steps which include: talking about your feelings, exercising regularly, eating healthy, investing time in relationships, resting and getting help 
  • Helpline numbers and websites that you can reach out for help
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first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies
first aid supplies